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Meet Our Yoga Instructors

Tracey Calhoun, Registered Yoga Teacher

Tracey is a positive, joyful, and passionate Yoga teacher.

Tracey Calhoun, 200 RYT, strives to design a welcoming space for all individuals, regardless of age or body type, to practice the life transforming benefits of yoga and meditation.  Students will find classes to be balanced, creative, and infused with humor and fun. Read More…

Tracey came to yoga at the onset of the 2007 financial crisis.  As a commercial lender in the Large Corporate Division for a regional bank, the demands of the job, the increased demand of clients, as well as the 40-mile daily commute to work each way were beginning to take their toll. As the stress increased, sleep decreased, and anxiety became a daily way of life.  There had to be a change. Tracey concluded, “this was not the way to live.” An opportunity to attend a six-week Intro to Yoga class turned out to be a life changing experience.  Initially, she wasn’t sure yoga was going to be the answer to reducing stress and anxiety. After all, she was a suit in corporate America who lived within very defined boundaries!  WRONG!  Upon entering the very first class to a warm and very welcoming environment, she felt as if she was home.  With a glance to the past and only the future to look forward to, this foray into yoga was the start of a life transformation that taught Tracey how to settle her mind, reduce stress and eliminate anxiety.  She eventually made the decision to share this lifestyle and the gifts of her practice with others. Today, Tracey is passionate that yoga is for everyone and every body! Tracey’s style centers on the Hatha based style of yoga using mindful movements linked to breath, proper alignment, modifications and the use of props to ensure all participants can fully enjoy each class, and access the benefit of each posture regardless of physical condition, age or their experience level. Tracey is a member of Yoga Alliance. She received her 200 RYT at OM MY YOGA in Camp Hill, PA.  She also completed Yoga for All training with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes, learning how to create body positive yoga classes for all shapes, sizes and abilities. Tracey is striving to learn more and more to help others who have had issues with stress, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. In 2018, she will be participating in Yoga for Anxiety teacher training with Cindy Beers, MS, 500 RYT who is the author of Mindful Yoga for Adult Anxiety and Mindful Yoga for Teen Anxiety. Tracey and her husband, Joe reside in Dauphin with their Labrador Retriever, Millie. When not in the studio, you can find her working in the garden, walking, cooking, or searching for cheap flights to Hawaii to visit their daughter.

Sujata Goel – Registered Yoga Therapist
Sujata is an accomplished and compassionate yoga therapist.

Sujata is an accomplished and compassionate yoga therapist.

Sujata Goel is a well-known and gifted dancer, choreographer and yoga instructor. As a child, while growing up in Camp Hill, she learned south Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam, and Bollywood dance, within the central PA Indian community. In 1996, she moved to Madras, India to study Bharatanatyam at the most reputed institution for classical Indian dance and aesthetics.Read More…

She has also studied contemporary dance, having worked with one of India’s most important contemporary choreographers from 2000-2004. She then studied at Europe’s leading conservatory for performing arts, P.A.R.T.S., in Brussels, Belgium. Sujata’s yoga training has been under some of the most respected teachers from the BKS Iyengar and Sivananda traditions. She has studied and certified at Sampoorna Yoga (Goa, India, YA RYT/200 Hrs.). Her teaching approach reflects a refined technique and understanding of the body, emphasizing alignment and postural correctness. Sujata has been teaching dance and yoga in India, Europe and the USA for the past 10 years and is currently based in Harrisburg. At The Family Wellness Center, Sujata teaches creative Hatha Yoga based sequences focusing on alignment within the postures the usage of props to enhance and aid certain poses. Breath work and restorative work will also be integrated into the classes.

Please feel free to contact our instructors at anytime.

They will be happy to answer your questions and give you detailed information about classes. You may register for a class by calling The Family Wellness Center, e-mailing or faxing.

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