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7-Day Whole Food Challenge

Whole Food DietSo, now we are well into winter.  It is nearly 6 weeks since we made those grand New year’s resolutions.  Or maybe you skipped the resolutions altogether because you read the stats about how easily we let go of them long before Super bowl Sunday.  And then, of course, maybe you saw our Facebook post about the fact that the average game watcher eats 2400 calories in snacks on the big game night. Maybe more this year with overtime, hmm?  So, what do we do now? We take all that hope from the beginning of the year; all that yearning to be healthier, and we turn it into a lifetime commitment.

Transform your resolution into a declaration and your declaration into a commitment.  Anything new can be fun and exciting until the real work begins.  The desire to have less pain, less inflammation, less body symptoms, less degeneration, less weight, better function, more energy, more ease, more well-being and ultimately, optimal health, is not ever going to be found in a quick-fix.

Where is it found?  Inside you! Your body is designed to function at it’s very best for as long as you are on this earth.  Simply put; your body just needs no interference. Unfortunately, we all experience three types of major interference: physical, chemical and emotional.  When it comes to our food supply, we are getting a lot of interference from highly processed, synthetically derived “food stuffs,” better known as chemicals that most of can’t even pronounce.

While it is hard to call much of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) real food, most people don’t know what is meant by a Whole Food Diet. If your commitment to a healthier you includes making better food choices and making the journey from processed foods to real whole food please take a moment and watch Dr. Holly Lucille, N.D.’s video for a very simple explanation of whole food eating.  We have also included a 7-Day Whole Food Diet Challenge to get you started and some excellent recipes as well. Eating whole foods does not have to mean eating a vegan diet however we have included a few articles to tempt your palate.   We have also included a The 10 Healthiest Packaged Foods since most people are going to continue to buy packaged foods.

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