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Behavioral Addictions and Compulsive Disorders at The Family Wellness Center

Consulting patientBehavioral addictions generally refer to non-substance related addictions/ or compulsions such as food, exercise, gambling, sex, video games, computers, shopping and even work. Behavioral addictions are multi-factorial processes often with psychosocial, genetic, biological, behavioral, and metabolic components.

When an individual has diminished control over an abnormal repetitive behavior pattern, despite, often overwhelmingly negative consequences, this behavior may be viewed on a continuum of behavioral addictions or it may meet the criterion for an impulse control disorder.

Treatment and Management of Behavioral Addictions and Compulsive Disorders

Recently researches have been able to show that there are molecular mechanisms behind the compulsion to over eat, for example, and that several of the compulsive behaviors mentioned follow the same clinical pattern and neural network as compulsive substance use. Simply put, behavioral addictions may result in devastating repetitive patterns, wrecking havoc on minds, bodies and spirits, and more often than not shattering individuals and whole families.

To meet this overwhelming challenge, we offer treatment and management of behavioral addictions and compulsive disorders through a variety of unique programs including individual and family therapy, group counseling, nutrition coaching, and integrative mind body approaches to recovery and well-being.

The sooner you take action, the sooner we may be able to help you. Contact The Family Wellness Center today!

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