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Meet the Team at The Family Wellness Center

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Tiffany Weese, Licensed Massage Therapist

TiffanyTiffany received her therapeutic massage certification from CLN in Mechanicsburg, and has been practicing as a massage therapist since 2008. She has over 10 years’ experience in the spa industry and beautifully brings together the essence of deep relaxation with deep tissue massage. Prior to being a licensed massage therapist, Tiffany worked as a care giver for 12 years, and brings her care and compassion to each individual she works with.

Tiffany specializes in Bamboo Fusion massage, Hot Stone Massage, Signature Massage, and organic body wraps and body treatments. She especially enjoys the detoxification element of massage and customizing essential oils to create the healing benefits of aromatherapy. From assisting clients with injuries and chronic pain, to helping clients reduce stress, have greater range of motion, increase mobility or enhance mood; the natural healing power of massage is Tiffany’s life’s work. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys being outside with her family and especially enjoys hiking, fishing and camping with her son Zachery.

Kirsten Lawson, Certified Health Coach

KirstenKirsten Lawson, Certified Health Coach, joined The Family Wellness Center in 2019. As everyone who interacts with her knows, she loves to serve and connect with people. Kirsten’s own health journey led her to seek holistic solutions when traditional routes did not work. She has experienced her own food intolerances and discovered allergy friendly eating to support her own health and the health and well-being of her whole family.

Kirsten’s Health Coaching background focuses on building healthy habits one day at a time that create a lifetime of optimal health and results that each client is seeking. In addition to coaching, Kirsten serves as The Family Wellness Center’s Business Development Manager and Deborah Coulston’s Assistant. Kirsten comes from a background in customer service and management.

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