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The Family Wellness Center Team

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Sarah Filizzi – Chiropractic Advocate & Administrator

Sarah Fillizi

Sarah is a joyous and compassionate advocate!

Sarah Filizzi comes to The Family Wellness Center after 13 years of administrative work in both faith communities and small business. Sarah has experience both out front welcoming friends and newcomers to the center and offering information, education and office assistance. She is also a huge asset behind the scenes developing policies, procedures, and systems to increase efficiency and make your time at the center seamless and serene. In addition to administrative work, Sarah has proficient skill in graphic design and uniquely brings together the power of organization, simplicity and beauty to the healing profession.

Sarah is excited to utilize her skills to further the mission of The Family Wellness Center. Being passionate about serving, she looks forward to the opportunities present at The Family Wellness Center to serve all our clients in a joyous, friendly, and compassionate manner.

Sarah and her family enjoy camping, going on walks, and playing board games. She has a passion for music, and takes any opportunity to sing, sometimes to the annoyance of her family and friends! Sarah has developed a heart for social justice issues and showing love, compassion and mercy to the people she encounters.

Tiffany Weese – Licensed Massage Therapist

tiffany weese massage therapist

Tiffany is a skilled and compassionate massage therapist.

Tiffany received her therapeutic massage certification from CLN in Mechanicsburg, and has been practicing as a massage therapist since 2008. She has over 3.5 years experience in the spa industry and beautifully brings together the essence of deep relaxation with deep tissue massage. Prior to being a licensed massage therapist, Tiffany worked as a care giver for 12 years, and brings her care and compassion to each individual she works with.

Tiffany specializes in Bamboo Fusion massage and organic body wraps and body treatments. She especially enjoys the detoxification element of massage and customizing essential oils to create the healing benefits of aromatherapy. From assisting clients with injuries and chronic pain, to helping clients reduce stress, have greater range of motion, increase mobility or enhance mood; the natural healing power of massage is Tiffany’s life’s work. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys being outside with her family and especially enjoys hiking, fishing and camping with her son Zachery.

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