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Best Ways to Stay Healthy in a Sick World

VegetablesHere’s a list of lifestyle changes you can do to boost your immunity:

You know the drill about washing your hands (count to 20 while you wash). We have all practiced a lot of social distancing by now, which can create even more isolation and loneliness than many already experience.

We are creatures in connection, so when you need to keep your distance physically, please reach out and call your friends and family and stay in touch emotionally with others. Use your phone to talk into. Use skype and text, email and write old fashioned letters. The elderly who are confined and those in hospitals still really need to hear from you.

It’s been a rocky ride for most of us this year and no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Whether it is the seasonal flu, a surge in covid-19, an old fashioned cold or lingering allergies; let’s build a strong immune system so no matter what happens we are in a better position than we have ever been before.

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